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Trail Threads Co. x The Greener Trails Initiative: Plant Even More Trees with Your Purchase!

Trail Threads Co. x The Greener Trails Initiative: Plant Even More Trees with Your Purchase!

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You already plant a tree with every Trail Threads purchase (thanks for being awesome!), but did you know you can supercharge your sustainable impact? Partnering with The Good API and Eden Reforestation Projects, we're on a mission to conquer climate change, one epic adventure (and tree!) at a time.

Feeling extra adventurous?

Want to maximize your eco-warriorship? Now you can plant EVEN MORE TREES on top of our automatic donation with every purchase! Here's why planting trees rocks:

  • Wildlife Champions: Trees provide vital homes for countless creatures, keeping our wild friends happy and thriving. Imagine a world without adorable squirrels storing your lost trail mix - not cool!
  • Coastal Crusaders: Trees, especially Mangroves, act like nature's superheroes, protecting coastlines from erosion and those pesky storm surges. Think of them as Mother Nature's sandbags, keeping your favorite beaches pristine for epic adventures.
  • Indigenous Income Boosters: Eden Reforestation Projects create jobs and empower local communities through tree planting initiatives. Supporting them means supporting a more sustainable future for everyone.
  • Carbon-Crunching Champions: Mangroves are nature's carbon vacuum cleaners, sucking up that nasty greenhouse gas and keeping our planet healthy. Breathe easy knowing your Trail Threads gear is fighting climate change, one extra tree at a time!

Join the Trail Threads Co. x The Greener Trails Initiative and become an eco-superstar! Explore our awesome collection, plant some extra trees with your purchase, and let's blanket the planet with a forest, one adventure at a time.

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Planting Trees FAQs

Planting Trees with Transparency: FAQs Answered!

Can I supercharge my sustainable impact?

Planting Even More Trees with Your Purchase!

You already plant a tree with every Trail Threads purchase (high five!), but did you know you can supercharge your sustainable impact? Here's how it works:

  • Add Extra Trees During Checkout: Want to plant even more trees on top of our automatic donation? Simply choose the number of extra trees you'd like to add at checkout. Every little bit helps!
  • Your Contribution Makes a Difference: Your donations help us partner with Eden Reforestation Projects, a fantastic organization dedicated to global reforestation efforts.

How can you ensure the trees survive after planting?

Guaranteeing Tree Survival: Your Impact Endures

Eden Reforestation Projects takes a multi-pronged approach to ensure long-term tree survival:

  • Protected Planting Sites: They collaborate with local governments to secure permanent protection for restoration sites.
  • Community Involvement: Hiring local communities fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility for the trees' well-being.
  • Sustainable Practices: Planting agroforestry species provides long-term food security and reduces reliance on deforestation for fuel.
  • Forest Guard Protection: Dedicated forest guards actively protect the restored forests.
  • Long-Term Commitment: The Forest Guard Endowment Fund provides ongoing resources for forest protection.

How can you possibly plant trees efficiently?

Planting Trees for Less - We've Got You Covered!

Transparency is key! Here's why Eden Reforestation Projects can plant trees so efficiently:

  • Efficient Seed Sourcing: They collect seeds from existing forests and purchase them in bulk at low costs from local sources.
  • Self-Sufficient Irrigation: Many trees planted are mangroves, which grow along coastlines with natural irrigation systems.
  • Local Employment & Empowerment: Hiring local communities for planting creates economic incentives for them to protect the newly restored forests.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: Fair wages and efficient planting processes contribute to lower overall costs.

How much does Trail Threads Co. donate to its partners?

How Your Donation is Used: Breakdown of Costs

Our website and API charge $0.43 USD per tree you choose to plant in addition to our automatic donation. Here's how that breaks down:

  • $0.15: Directly supports Eden Reforestation Projects' planting initiatives.
  • $0.15: Covers operational costs to maintain the program.
  • $0.10 The Good API facilitate the donations.
  • $0.03: Handles credit card processing fees.

Can I see certificates for tree planting?

Verifying Your Impact: Transparency Matters

Absolutely! We receive tree planting certificates monthly, which are showcased on our dedicated Tree Planting Ledger page. Here, you can see the running total of trees funded and their corresponding certificates.

Do you have any other questions about The Greener Trails Initiative?

Together, we can make a lasting impact on our planet, one tree at a time!

Feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service team by using the chat or by email here!

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